The only thing that got me out of the fartsack was knowing I was the Q this morning. But knowing I would get to see my extended family made it just a little easier.

7of us gathered for the welcome, mission, and disclaimer and we were off for a Rolling warmarama. We would mosey across the front of the school and around to the “hill” stopping along the way for

cotton Pickers, imperial Walkers, good mornings, and a nice groin stretch before climbing the hill for Dora

50 squats

100 Monkey humpers

150 gorilla Humpers

partner one would bear Crawl down the hill do one burpee then back pedal up the hill and switch. The Pax blew through this much faster than anticipated.

Down the hill and Lt Dan across the back of the school to the main gate, which was locked and no way back to the band practice field that we could see. Now what?? Crap! now we have to mosey back around the school! We stopped a few times along the way back for 25,15,20  Merkins until we made it to “the wall”

peoples chair for a 10 count

bttw for a 10 count two rounds

mosey across practice field and 100 lbc’s oyo. Which Kiwi predicted as if he was Nostradamus! Back across field for 100 more LBCS oyo. Finished up and over to the fountain for

dips SC 50 then two sets of 25

over to the flag for a hard stop.

As I write this BB I realized we never did namearama. Oops

announcements and prayer request and Kiwi took us out in prayer

Cheech made a comment about how in the world do you do a workout and only go .06 miles referring to a prior Q of mine at the Knarr. Cheech, you will find out real soon!!!!!

As always it was a pleasure gentlemen!!


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