• When: 02/16/2018
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Jang-a-Lang, duck butter, misty, madoff, shroom, lassie, frosted flake, knotty head, Pocahontas, ramese, bayliner, Ron Burgundy, Blart, deebo, pastor C, Aflac, squeeler, Griswold
  • AO: Carteret Community College, Morehead City, Rolling AO, Stampede

A 61° temperature brought out the masses to CCC Friday morning. But, when we stepped out of our vehicles, we found that the ripping wind chill brought the temp down quite a bit. Following a short count down to a HS, a mission statement and disclaimer was said, but it was pointless because no one could hear it over the mumblechatter. What a surprise with this crew!   YHC was surprised to see a few members of the pax at the stampede, but some admitted that they were inspired by the Dora the explorer plank. Good for them for stepping out of the comfort zone!

We headed east and made our way to the base of the bridge. YHC had not run that route before, and was surprised at parts of the sidewalk down Highway 70. Morehead city is the flattest place in the world, with the straightest roads in the world, yet their sidewalks are the curviest! (Great in the morning darkness for twisting ankles and getting a tree limb in your eye).

When we made our way up the bridge, what had to be at 20 knot south wind smacked us in the face and pushed against us on the hill climb. It made the bridge feel three times as steep, and some found out the hard way that it’s a real bad time to spit!

Everyone turned at the halfway point and found a nice wind to our backs. Back at the flag, In classic F3 fashion, some of the pax that had arrived early were backtracking to bring home the 6. Love it guys!

Concerned with the ticking clock and YHC’s 20+ minute drive back west, we quickly announced the two workouts on Saturday and a prayer request for the families in Florida. We went out in a BOM, giving thanks to our Heavenly Father who has blessed us in so many ways.

YHC really enjoyed posting with the MHC and eastern pax. It gives me a chance for 2nd F with some of the guys that I only see on occasion, and some of the guys that I only see on Slack. I’d love to hit up some other MHC AOs soon! (It may be a little easier when school is out)

There are some larger than normal stresses in my life right now concerning work and family. I was just telling my M last night of how much God has blessed me by introducing F3 into my life at this time. It has become my primary stress outlet. I think of nothing negative when I’m getting a good beatdown at 5:30 in the morning. It’s great to laugh at the mumble chatter during a work out, and the sarcasm on Slack. It’s good to be reminded of how our heavenly father is working in our lives when we pray in a BOM each morning.

Thanks Crabby for the opportunity, and thank you men for supporting this F3 thing with me.


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