YHC was driving to The Knarr this morning not really feeling it.  A plan was written up for the previous weeks workout but was not needed.  Looking in the parking lot driving by YHC became enthralled that there was a few extra pax already there and warming up.  As I put up the site flag, a clown car showed up (yes with a bunch of clowns) with some of Carterico’s finest Q’s to date.  Now the pressure was on seeing the likes of Ramses, Steamer, Duckbutter, Madoff, and Bic Mic for their first time at The Knarr.  The mumblechatter started quick and never let up.  5, 4, 2, 1 minute and we were off for a quick Mosey around the parking lot.


A new exercise was found buried in a Charlotte backblast so here we go.

  • Up Straddle Hop – 10 One legged SSH (each leg)
  • 15 Windmills
  • 15 Cotton pickers
  • Another new one –  Superman Sungods 10 FWD,RVS (The pax were intrigued by the look of the exercise, worse then the Boss Tweed if someone is driving by.

A quick Lap –  Pasqually chattering about how YHC was moving faster then normal around the parking lot


  • 10 Burpees – because the burpee master Ramses was in the house
  • 10 – Tony Hawk Burpees    (a burpee with a 360 jump at the end, turn both ways or end up dizzy)
  • Wheel of Merkins – Circle pax in plank position, Merkin count up each pax does 1 merkin then 2 and so on up to 5
  • Webbicide – Pax runs two parking lot lines, stops and performs a Merkin, runs back to start.  Rinse and repeat adding two more parking lot lines each time and adding one merkin each stop. Merkin count up to 10
  • 10 Travolta’s – Not having enough arm, abs, shoulder work.  Plank position 4 count exercise performing the Staying Alive arm thrust across the body and then out.
  • 10 count rest then another round of 10 Travolta’s

As the mumblechatter reached an all time high. YHC took off running around the rec center building and the tennis courts to take the long way around to the ampitheatre for the Wall of Fire.

  • Wall of Fire – Pax in the people’s chair position.  Each pax takes a turn doing 10 Merkins, 10 LBC’s, 10 Squats        Comments were made about not planning on this many pax for this exercise.  So YHC decided to have a rest by doing 5 Burpees OYO in the middle of the exercise.  Continue the Wall of Fire
  • Partner up over to the bleachers for Partner stair Merkins (OMAHA called by the pax since the bleachers were all ice)
  • So we did Squerkins – Partner #1 does Merkins while Partner #2 holds his legs and does squats total of 16 were done

There was plenty of time left for two rounds at the picnic tables of 10 Dips, 10 Erkins, 10 Stepups

Mosey back to the flag for MOM

  • 1 minute of Weezy Jefferson  pax legs move from 90 degrees to 6 inches in rapid succession –  WOW
  • Hands of Time – because the pax love more core and leg work – count up to 84 (12 pax = 7 times around)
  • Guantanamo – 1 time around per pax –  definitely hurting by the end
  • Starfish Crunch – 20 count pax flat on 6 – lift left leg to right arm then right leg to left arm
  • We started with Burpees so we ended with Burpees 5 OYO (your welcome Ramses)

COT with announcments made.  Prayers were asked for Buckeyes son to have a clean bill of health from his surgery at 5 months old.  Blart asked to keep his M and family in prayers from his brother in laws internment.

BOM  led by Big Mic asking for all the ways that are provided for us to be able to go out into the community and be positive role models and leaders for those that need us to show them the way.

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