• When: 08/28/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Jangalang
  • PAX: Bayliner, Little Smokey, Double mint, Lassie, Madoff, Seamer, Duck Butter, Pasq, Monkey Wrench, Ma Bell, Rooney, Chain Link , Pedro, Second Mile, Raeses, Immigrant, Big Mick, Flow (FNG) , Misty, Flip, Dipper, Gert, late dude from Raleigh
  • AO: Hero Patriot, Morehead City, West Carteret High School

25 posted on a beautiful Carterican Saturday morning. YCH had begged Lassie for months for the Q keys to the Hero P. He vowed not to ever let me Q here again after the Sharkanado invaded west carteret the day before Easter. For todays HP, my intention was to dedicate 1 mini-thing to my Grandfather and each of his 4 brother that all served in the US Armed Services.  Following a disclaimer and mission statment, we were off.

Warm a rama- consisted of a lap around the track and circle up beside the bleachers under the light. Normal exercises were done among the heavy chatter.

Thing 1- Partner up at the baseline of the practice field. 1 partner runs down the field and back to the other partner who is doing a 4 count bear crawl followed by 2 burpees. Switch out and continue until reaching the other end of the field. Repeto for the way back to the starting point, however a 8 count bear crawl was allowed.

Thing 2- Chillcut / 6 inch plank hold done IC. Jack Webb 4,8,12, and 16 counts were done

Thing 3- mosey to the band practice field. Back with your partner at the 50. 20 Booyah merkins, 20 leg throw downs per man. Partners run to the opposite base line for 20 star jumps, meeting back at mid field. this sequence was repeated 4 times with Pedro giving us a 20 count. Jack Webb of Dying Cockroach/ LSF

Thing 4- Suicide. Starting at the base line of the field hitting all numbered lines from the 10 to the opposite base line.

Thing 5- to the over grown baseball field for a round of the Inch Worm around the field. Run out 2 poles, back 1 pole. Do 20 squats and 20 CDD. Try not to get smoked by the sprinklers. Continue this pattern around the entire field.

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag. dude from Raleigh shows up (stair case I think). 5 men are excused to go post at the Slick Cam.

Mary- Reverse Plank and Bridge

What a great group of motivated men to post with this morning! Thank you Lassie for the opportunity. Looking forward to my next chance in 2018.



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