• When: 05/23/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Campish
  • QIC: Chain Link
  • PAX: Denver, Monkey Wrench, Debo, Steamer, Bed Sore, Gertrude, Hurler, Pastor Cleaver, Buckeye, Pasqually, THE Second Mile, Rooney, Birdman, BayLiner, Gibson (He forgot his F3 name...), Ramses, Flipova
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hole in None

Day 5 of The Week of The Chain Link ⛓

The Hole in None ⛳️


Warmarama: Windmills 15, Cotton Pickers 15, Sun gods 10 forward-10 backwards, Hand release Merkins 15

The Thang:

Short Mosey

15 Kraken burpees (Burpee with 3 hand release merkins at the bottom) 

Bear crawl burpees: 4 bear crawls then a burpee, rinse and repeat for about 30 yards

Mosey across road to a fairway 

Bear crawl inchworm: 2 lines of 9 men each man in a plank doing merkins while man in the rear bear crawls to the front. Each man went about two times. Roughly 25-30 yards.

Mosey to another Fairway 

Dora: Partner up, Partner 1 starts merkins while Partner 2 runs to a poison ivy covered tree about 50 yards away; switching back and forth until 100 Merkins as a team. Then 200 LBC’s in cadence as a team. Then 300 Squats as a team.

Very short mosey a little further up the same fairway.

Lazy Dora cut short: As a team partner 1 is doing 10 merkins, Partner 2 is in a plank, then switch until 100 merkins are done. Then Partner 1 does 20 LBC’s in cadence while partner 2 holds their legs 6” from the ground, alternating until 100 are completed. Finally Partner 1 does 25 Squats while partner 2 holds an Al Gore, alternating until 100 Squats are completed.

Quick mosey to flag 

5 Burpees to finish the 5th Day of the Chain Link ⛓

Announcements, Prayer Requests, Namarama, Denver took us out in Prayer

These Back Blasts are getting shorter and shorter…

5 Down! 2 to go! Tomorrow will be a good one I promise at the Swashbuckler!!!

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