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No Bands at the Shack

YHC was excited to Q the Chicken Shack this morning.  After stumbling across a workout a friend had shared with me sometime back, YHC was looking forward to trying the workout with the F3 Pax in Beaufort.  What difference could it make that I had posted maybe once on...

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Time well spent

At the 5 minute warning YHC was sitting in his old white Z71, trying to figure out what he was going to do when there was no PAX at the perscribed HS time.  Then out of the darkness a fancy white Z71 appeared with Holiday Mansion at the helm. TBH, I wasn't expecting a...

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Soggy Ground and Salty PAX at the Court

Knowing the window for this mornings workout would be tight given the forecast it was a welcome sight to see stars in the sky as I made my way to Rotary Park for the weekly revival of the Carterican Court.  With a good number of our usual PAX in distant lands the...

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The Day After Hole In None

10 of the finest men in the whole county gathered this morning to celebrate Lassies late night victory and help him work off the over consumption of celebratory hot chocolate!  After a brilliant warmarama by the bells Q Wilson....we took off for a 1/4 mile loop mosey...

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Election Day results

Another great morning to beat the fart sack monster at a comfortable 68* and no rain. Purplerain, Laettner and YHC met up at BoJangles in Cape Carteret and after the mission statement headed out. Laettner on a run as he is getting in the last training before his...

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Is that sweat or rain?!

They say it doesn't rain on an F3 workout... We put that to the test this morning. Woke up to some thunderboomers and a good ol' fashioned mullet blow. I hoped that wouldn't keep the PAX away from the Cutting Board this fine Carterico day. Arrived to find Wilson...

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No son of mine is gonna play any foos-ball.

Pro Tip: Don't write your winkie in pencil. YHC arrived early to do some scoutin' the goal was to keep the PAX off the grass, dry, and safe from trip wires, rabid vermin, and ankle Buster's. Although I missed the board with protruding nails, thankfully so did everyone...

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The Gross, My New Favorite

YHC rolled into the parking lot of CCBC at 5:20 with Backup and Purple Rain.  PR was a little hesitant about working out today cause his back is a bit tender, and I mentioned coupons on slack, I coaxed him out this morning, he needed a kick in the booty.  Backup and I...

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