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The Hashmark…Pole to Pole??

6 bad ass studs gathered at the hallowed gates of the most preeminent community in the county of Carteret to experience an unrelenting beat down....after a brief warmarama, we implemented a variation of a workout done by Monkey Wrench many many years ago. 9 Poles Run...

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Celebrating 17 with the PAX

What a great day this is going to be, YHC thought while rolling to the AO. 17 years ago today I was lucky enough to marry my best friend. I couldn’t think of a better start then celebrating with my F3 brothers.    As I pulled into the AO, I noticed that Griswald had...

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Where did that rain come from?

This will be short but sweet. Thanks to Monkey Wrench, Pocahontas, SpongeBob, Buckeye and Madoff for making my VQ go smoothly, more or less, and a special node to Monkey Wrench from whom I stole most of this workout done last September. Still learning the Exicon, as...

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The numbers have been thin this week for those that desire a little less running. YHC tried to stir the pot with a challenge to show up. YHC arrived early to survey the grounds for a dry place out of the wind. As the flag was planted Cheech ran by on a solo standard....

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President’s Day Partner Package

Today's theme was President's and Partners.  YHC just finished reading "Freed to Lead" thanks to Purplerain giving it away, purchasing and passing out copies to the Western Pax.  YHC was struck by how many truth nuggets he found applicable to his own situation.  As...

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Power Hour!

How is it, it just doesn't rain on us? The Lord is good and we try our best to be his humble servants, even if Snookie drops an F Bomb before the Mission Statement, which was flawless, and followed by: HalfTime gives his disclaimer and straight to a Warm-A- Rama - Tin...

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128 ounces of Fun

There is no better way to start out your day than to fellowship with friends. The Tuesday morning gloom had secured itself over the West Carteret High School and Carteret counties finest were slowing coming in.  The fearless leader had purchased a 128oz surprise for...

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Couples and Threesomes

The temperature dropped below 50 again and the crowd disappeared.  Or maybe I worked them too hard on Monday at the Knarr.  Both seem like sorry excuses to me, but a more intimate group was just what we needed for this Valentine themed workout.  When we started and I...

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Wheel of Fortune

The Mullet Wrapper site was dryer than expected, and DumpsterDawg showed up, all my plans were coming together. The PAX started with - SunGods with a squat, cute idea but hard to stay in cadence, Mosey to the back 40... Curiosity was high, YHC just had to try...

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Just Say Yes

7 Men said Yes.  Yes to Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith; and Monday they made up the PAX of The Green Mile. Countdown established, Mission statement delivered, path decided, communicated, and the PAX launch. Yet another beautiful Monday morning in Carterico.  What...

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