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Cheech being the good site Q gave me the heads up and I'm glad he did. YHC wanted to visit a different place and White Oak Elementary seemed to be the place. It's always fun traveling West and Holiday mansion was kind enough to ride along. We rolled way earlier than...

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Is Ron Burgundy a Former Showgirl?

Got to love these hot, muggy summer mornings. But, at least it’s not raining. YHC  had planned on doing some field exercises, but in Newport, after a rainy weekend, that’s almost impossible without making a mess. I decided to keep us on the pavement. As I rolled into...

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A beautiful NC morning as expected, humidity off the charts, high temps, and rain clouds in the forecast. It just doesn't get any better and you missed out. You can make it up by showing for a Linus VQ at the Rolling Stone tomorrow, be there or be square. Enjoyed the...

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Doing a little courtin’

WARMARAMA SIDE STRADDLE HOPS COTTON PICKERS WINDMILLS DOWN DOG UPWARD DOG STANDING FORWARD BEND RIGHT OVER LEFT / LEFT OVER RIGHT THE THANG YHC decided to focus this workout on exercises and limit the miles.  A quick glance at Google Maps and I decided to use the 6...

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EH'd Pyle on Saturday and he was true to his word as he was sitting at the AO when YHC arrived. As we stood there 15 minutes until workout time he informed he found five dollars. Told him it might be the two of us. Wilson was on the road for 14 hours and was an HC but...

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Keeping it Simple

Mission statement, Disclaimer, and light stretching before starting on the Hashmark loop (3 miles). Slow mosey for couple blocks before warmerama. Warmerama consisted of Downward Dog, Side straddle hops, and Cotton Pickers. The Thang was pretty simple. Mosey'd  the...

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We Got Snooked!!

“Let the fun begin!” YHC said after getting everything set up at “THE GREATEST AO IN CARTERICO... THE ROLLING STONE!!!!” Shovel flag ✅, Music ✅,  Lightshow ✅, Griswald approved refreshments ✅. We are ready!! Purple Rain was already out on a standard. Caitlyn is next...

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YHC had planned on using the freshly cut grass at MHCCC but realized upon arrival it was dark. A slight Omaha was made on the spot and we were ready for battle. It was turning into an unusually large crowd for a Wednesday.. YHC remembered Rameses was on the Q which...

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