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New Ground Covered

When the planned Q get double book thanks to Crabby, The site Q is required to fill in. The pax gather as the Q rolled up ready to go, the almost perfect mission statement was given. The Q will eventually get it right. It takes practice. Looking at a map on the long...

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Hero Patriot 02.17.18

It was a perfect morning for the Hero and we had a great group of guys show up, so we began quickly.  Glad to have Gilligan join us this morning and he always elevates the workout.  Glad The 2nd Mile is back and feeling better.  Thanks to Blart for bringing the Flag...

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Madoff’s Buffet

55° greeted the core Swash pax as they stepped from their vehicles this halcyon morning. 5 men resisted Gert’s siren song of free coffee to partake of what YHC had to offer. 0530 evoked utterance of the 3Fs, mission statement and disclaimer, and pax filed off toward...

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ER FINAL EPISODE BACK BLAST Well it looks like YHC will be the last Q of Earned Respect for a while until we get our numbers back up across the AO board.  When it returns, maybe it will have a run like the ER below instead of the one above. Five of us...

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Lots o runners

was excited because I new couch was over the sickness so my bro would be back.  I got an HC from Rupaul and then our other regular let me know that not only he was an HC but Muncher would be joining us.  Disclaimer and we took off, everyone had their own pace, but we...

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Merkins of War

5 men gathered in the parking lot just west of the Dockhouse, waited and gave 1 minute warning and with no new arrivals at 5:30 a disclaimer and mission statement were given and we were off to the cutting board. Warmarama SSH x 20 IC Cotton Pickers x 15 IC Sun gods x...

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Ruck Fellowship

Low numbers seemed to be the norm with the type of weather we have been having, and this morning was no different.  A cool breeze was among us as I headed to the starting point for this morning;s site.  I arrived and began planting the ole shovel flag as was soon meet...

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Kettle Bell Race

It had been a long time since the PAX had engaged in an F3 Carterico competition and knowing that I would be on the Q at the Dreadnought this week, I felt like this would be the perfect venue for some red-blooded American sport. All that we needed were type A...

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Chicken Shack part Deux

Chicken Shack showing was strong this morning gentlemen. Good to have some fresh faces mixed in the PAX. Arms and Back are feeling it. This is becoming a good change of pace for the BFT PAX. Until next time. Beaufort Rules.

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