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YHC gave proper notice during the pre-blast that expectations may or might not be met. I rolled to the AO finding men already gathered enjoying some 2nd F. Upon exiting the car Madoff yelled 2 minutes but it was really 3. 6 men were present when the Hoodie patrol...

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Dreadnought 10.15.19

It has been awhile since I have Q'd, and until yesterday afternoon, I did not plan on Qing today.  The dreadnought is a tough workout to plan for due to the level of fitness of those gentleman that frequent the Tuesday event weekly. Ram and I rolled into the parking...

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Diamonds are Forever

A glorious morning to lead these 10 great men around The Field of Dreams.  YHC woke up today feeling not so great.  Too much celebrating with little sleep made remembering the workout a little difficult.  YHC arrived 15 min early to scope the scene.  Not wanting to...

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Knarr 10/7/19

I tried focusing the workout around balance exercises. After the mission statement, and disclaimer we did some light stretching, cotton pickers, sungods, followed up by some side straddle hops. Then we mosey'd and circled up for balance exercises holding one leg back...

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Johnny Cash made proud

It was dark and misty when YHC pulled into the Ribeyes parking lot about an hour before hard start. Already on the scene was OG Laettner getting in some major extra credit mileage. I dragged out all the equipment (thanks Birdman & Buttoncapcap!) and workout signs...

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A Friendly Fartlek

The Greatest Green Mile saw a compilation of the Greatest runners this side of Carteret County! A brief introduction to diaphragmatic breathing was given as a basis of all form focused running. Form, Training and Breathing make up the foundation for long distance (and...

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Help a brother out…

Burnout executed a flawless VQ this morning.  He is stretched thin with an extraordinary amount on his plate. Nevertheless, he agreed to take over as the Mullet Wrapper Site Q and to do his VQ there this morning.  Until things settle down a little, the pax are coming...

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